Vanish Platinum

Vanish Platinum

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Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, 808nm, Power 1200 W

MedArt, France

Category: Hair removal

Vanish Platinum - portable hair removal focusing at the same time on various tissue profundities just as anatomical structures inside the hair follicle.

  • Practically pain free

  • Proven safety register

  • Applicable for all skin types even tanned skin

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The most secure and powerful melanin retention for hair removal is 808 nm frequency. Combining the appropriate pulse interval, energy intensity and epidermal cooling would guarantee a qualified thermal damage to the objective tissue without harming the adjacent tissue to accomplish viable hair removal.


  • Typical for skin types 2, 3 and 4

  • Viable for thick and thin hair

  • Golden standard frequency for all hair types


Permanent hair removal for all skin types, including tanning skin.

Aiming for diverse tissue profundities just as structures inside the hair follicles. In addition to guaranteeing the viable and easy outcome.

The surface temperature of the spot can reach -16Cº.


Laser TypeHigh Intensity Diode Laser
Laser Wavelength808nm
Laser power1200W
Controller10.4 inch Color Touch Display
Handle screen1.54 inch
Spot Size12 x 12mm2
Pulse Width10~100ms (Adjustable)
Energy10~80J/cm2 (Adjustable)
Cooling SystemConstant temperature refrigeration
Cooling Temperature-16Cº
Size45cm x 55cm x 106cm
Power Supply110V/220V, 50Hz
Shots warranty2 years no limited


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